About Victoria Kellogg

Victoria KelloggVictoria Kellogg, owner and operator of Pacific Financial Mortgage and Real Estate Inc., has worked in all aspects of the mortgage banking industry for well over 20 years.  She started her career working in the Correspondent Lending division of the industry, for one of the largest lending institutions at the time.  After learning the ins-and-outs of the mortgage business she and her partners founded Pacific Financial Mortgage and Real Estate Inc., located in Westlake Village, CA.

She personally has had her hands in the processing of every loan that has gone through Pacific Financial.  She takes pride in knowing the lender guidelines, client’s needs, and problem solving to put them together for the perfect loan scenario for each client and their family. Her passion for always doing her best for her clients and brokers she works with is what has helped keep her company going through the ups-and-downs of the industry.  Victoria brokers and personally processes each of her client’s loans from start to finish, making her their single point of contact throughout the process.  She understands how personal the home financing process is and therefore walks her clients through each step of the way.  She treats her clients like family and based on client testimonials, they often feel the same way.

Victoria loves to travel and has traveled around the world including Europe, Asia and Africa.  She enjoys experiencing firsthand the different cultures and customs around the world.  She has a passion for snow skiing and surfing and feels life should be lived to the fullest!  This same attitude and passion for doing her best has come out through her client relationships, her personal relationships with the banks she works with, and her overall knowledge of the lending industry. She believes a positive attitude will always attract a positive outcome!