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Some head-scratching over inflation’s effect on mortgage rates

Last week’s market and mortgage rate movement has many experts scratching their heads, and here’s why. First, we saw the core rate of consumer inflation (CPI)  come in much higher than expected at 3.8 percent. Normally, higher inflation sends mortgage rates higher, but according to the latest survey of mortgage rates, they improved slightly, hence

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Fed raised rates, mortgage rates moved lower. Say what?

Since my last post in mid-March we’ve seen some interesting developments in the mortgage market, namely that since the Fed raised its key interest rate, mortgage rates actually improved some, dropping to the lowest levels all month. It was certainly a nice gift! Let’s recap what’s been happening. So, back on March 15th the Federal

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Fed likely to raise rates this week. What’s the play for you?

This Wednesday, on March 15th, the Federal Reserve Board (‘The Fed’) will meet, and all signs point to them voting in favor of raising the Fed Funds Rate, a key interest rate. What does this mean for you? First, remember that they don’t literally raise mortgage rates but their actions affect the direction of stock and

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